Sykies-Neapolis Chess Academy

- Brief Historical Review -

      The Chess Club of Sykies with its two teams ('Panathlitikos SF Sykeon' and 'PAS Sykeon 'PHOEBUS'') has been cultivating chess in the municipality of Sykies and Thessaloniki for the last 36 years with lessons for chess players of all ages and mainly young children. Dozens of young chess enthusiasts spend their hours creatively and happily in the hospitable space of the Municipal Library - a space that is kindly provided to us by our Municipality.


      Establishment of the association under the name "Spiritual Center of the Municipality of Sykies". The founding members and "architects" of the idea of promoting chess in the Municipality were Lathiras Vassilis and Drossos Theofanis. The two of them with a lot of passion and love, sacrificing their free time and of course non-profit, initially formed a small club which consisted mainly of neighborhood children who played chess in the afternoons after school.


      In 1983 the second chess club of Sykies is founded - the "PAS Sykeon 'PHOEBUS'", which is the youth academy and chess nursery of the club.


      PAS Sykeon 'PHOEBUS' captures 3rd place in the Panhellenic Championship for children.


      Panathlitikos S.F. Sykeon captures 2nd place in the Panhellenic Championship for children and 3rd place in the adults Panhellenic "Active" Championship.


      In the recent history our Clubs are supported by the Mayor of Sykies-Neapolis Municipality Mr. Daniilidis Simos and the Deputy Mayor of Social Policy Mr. Apatsidis Dimitris who are helpers in the effort of our Academies to develop and progress.

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            For a more comprehensive and detailed review of the historical events of the club, you can follow the links below, which present a unique historical archive - a flowering of rare material divided into 4 chronological periods, curated by IM Simos Kanelakis from his personal archive.