Before you even start your journey to Ithaca...

Rousseau once said: "Chess is a boring science...". When he later learned to play he changed his mind and revised his initial thoughts: "Chess is a fine art". When, years later, he reached the level of the chess master that allowed him to play at the "Cafe de la Regence", he exclaimed: "Chess is a wonderful race...!".ยป.

In any of the above three phases and a person is, we can now formulate and convey to you with certainty that "chess can only benefit someone!"...



The successes of our clubs so far at local, national and international level, can certify and verify the right way to learn this unique game that we apply in our Academies!

And yes! It's not about how much you try, it's about how you do it...


"Choice. The problem is choice..."

- Neo [The Matrix Reloaded]

Choice is only the first stage. And it is done by parents for their children. About whether they will choose to introduce their child's still malleable thinking to such an ancient but also new world as Chess...


Let the game begin... ; )

Chess = f(Analysis,Composition)



Bobby Fischer, 1943-2008